How does "individualized CME" fit into the ACCME Accreditation Criteria?

Last Revised: 
November 11, 2011

Perfectly. The ACCME Accreditation Criteria require that all CME activities planned and implemented by an accredited provider address educational needs derived from a professional practice gap of the provider's own learner(s) and are designed and evaluated with regard to changes in competence, performance, or patient outcomes. From this perspective, the ACCME Accreditation Criteria are perfectly aligned to CME that is "individualized" to address the specific needs of a physician learner with customized educational interventions that seek to close professional practice gaps. However, the ACCME does not require its providers to "individualize" their CME activities for each individual learner. Nor does the ACCME require that providers evaluate changes in competence, performance, or patient outcomes with respect to individual learners.

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