History and Scope of the System

Since 1983, the ACCME has implemented a process for recognizing state and territory medical societies as accreditors. The recognition process is a partnership between the ACCME and the state/territory medical societies that empowers the state system to serve as accreditors for intrastate providers.

These intrastate providers include community hospitals, state specialty societies, and county medical societies. They offer CME primarily to learners from their state or contiguous states as opposed to ACCME-accredited providers, which offer CME primarily to national or international audiences.

There are 41 Recognized Accreditors  and approximately 1,200 state-accredited providers.  Each year, accredited intrastate providers offer more than 37,000 CME activities in communities across the country, drawing nearly four million health care practitioner participants. (This figure represents aggregate participant totals and not the number of unique participants. Participants attending multiple activities are counted multiple times.)

Uniform National Standards

The ACCME sets and maintains the accreditation standards for the national and intrastate systems, including the Accreditation Criteria, the Standards for Commercial Support, and ACCME policies.  These standards are considered a national model.

State and territory medical societies that are designated as ACCME Recognized CME Accreditors must meet the ACCME’s recognition requirements. The recognition requirements are designed to maintain a uniform, national system of CME accreditation, helping to assure physicians, state legislatures, CME providers, and the public that all CME programs within the ACCME system are held to the same high standards

Support and Resources for the Intrastate Accreditation System

The ACCME is committed to supporting community-based CME for local physicians and health care teams. These resources are paid for, in part, through per-provider fees that the ACCME charges the intrastate system. The ACCME does not charge Recognized Accreditors for recognition services.

The ACCME offers a variety of educational resources and support services for the intrastate accreditation system, including monthly webinars, regional forums, and an annual conference. ACCME staff members make presentations at Recognized Accreditors' conferences for their providers, offer training for recognition surveyors and Recognized Accreditors' CME committee members, and provide one-on-one consultations with Recognized Accreditors.

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